Miles may seperate us, but our hearts are connected.

Apr 20, 2011

It's getting closer to warm weather here in Colorado.
Most days start out around 35 degrees (we have had some snow) but the days seem to be getting warmer.
Kimmie and Kevin stayed a week with us and Curtis is back at school. Dad and I are alone and it is almost too quiet around here. We do enjoy being together. We are starting to plan our summer weekend trips.
Dad is going to Oregon to see baby Bridger and be part of the blessing.
We are also going to Maryland two times..once in June and then again in August.
I am going to try and submit some art work soon to shows, but I am still getting myself organized for that.
I am going to Utah the first week of May to spend the week with William. I am excited for that.
Sorry I don't have any new pictures of the family but here are a few of my latest paintings.
I have been doing ok selling cards. I need to find more marketing ideas. I also need to decide how far I want to take the card selling. I could do a booth at the Boulder Farmer's Market, but I would need to make about 300 cards to do it. I have a week or two to decide.

Apr 7, 2011

I am enjoying my watercoloring.
I have made enough money selling my art to attend a 450.00 workshop this May.
I am very excited to be taking a class from Tony Couch. I love his work.
I hope I learn lots and lots of new techniques.
I've posted a couple of samples of my lastest work.
I just got home from Oregon where I spent a month with my wonderful Grandkids.
I have the most beautiful new grandson....Bridger Layne Jensen. I got to tell Freddie the Fish stories with Tanner (our own made up stories) and Cedar got to spend lots and lots of alone time with Grandma while Tanner was in school.
I love my Oregon family and I am so grateful I have a husband to support me in being with our children during such special times.

Jan 23, 2011

If you want a sneak peak at my art blog you can go to
I am going to have cards for sell soon.

I went to the South Platte River one morning. It was minus 2 degrees!

I repainted the first painting I did last January 2010.
It is now framed and hanging in my half bath.

More of Ryon's bread............YUMMMMM!!!

Tanner's elf he made at school. He named him Kevin.
I think it is Tanner's twin.

Pillow Pets were in every home this year!!!

Sara and Spencer have a new beautiful baby girl. Cora....I love her name.

Ryon's bread making is a new tradition.

Our third year at Annie and Ryon's for Christmas.

Cedar and Tanner on Christmas Eve. They are both very excited.

I love Annie...It's nice when your daughter is one of your best friends.

This is the best family picture...too bad Cedar had her finger up her nose!!!

Chimmie Night was as good as ever. Made over 50 Chimmies this year.

Scott and William made a surprise visit to Oregon for Christmas.
I was soooo excited to be with them for 3 days.
I love my kids and grandkids. I missed seeing Melissa. I won't see her until the new year.

My best friend Lynn's daughter Nicole got married in December. It was so fun to be there and I loved Nicole's dress. It was a beautiful wedding.

Here is the painting I did for Kimmie and Kevin's Christmas present.

Here is a sample of the the job magnet chart showing the jobs.
These are my job magnets. I use them to keep myself motivated and on top of cleaning.
So far they are fun and helpful. I love placing my magnets on the job listed when I have finished something......simple pleasures. Under the magnets are the jobs to do.\
Every week I take the magnets off and then start over.

This is the last picture I got to take of Ches before he died.
He was the best dog in the whole world and he is greatly missed.
He lived to be almost 12.
We love you Ches.